Update on ownCloud Infinite Scale

Hey everybody,

as you probably have noticed, we are currently rewriting ownCloud from the ground up, which already took a while since we announced our plans for ownCloud Infinite Scale. But have no fear, it’s well worth the wait. After a lot of development work, we now take a big step and put a release candidate into testing and QA whose version number finally starts with a one instead of a zero.

As ownCloud Infinite Scale is, of course, open source, you can follow our progress on GitHub, but checking it out on your own might be a bit tricky as it will only work in its full capacity if you run an EOS storage cluster in your cellar like some of our development partners do, namely the one that is putting the 1.0 to the test right now – Australia’s Academic and Research Network.

But what exactly is ownCloud Infinite Scale?
Our goal in developing our new ownCloud is infinite scale, hence the name. Infinite scale means an infinite number of files, users and machines as well as infinite file sizes. We write it in Go, making ownCloud platform independent. ownCloud Infinite Scale neither requires Apache nor any PHP infrastructure, becoming the most easy-to-use and most easy-to-deploy ownCloud ever. We use microservices and a three-tier architecture, making ownCloud a secure cloud native solution to file access requirements. Some globally well-known research institutions are involved in the creation of ownCloud Infinite Scale, making sure it extends their capabilities as it will yours by delivering unparalleled scale.

In the coming weeks, we will give you a glimpse into our development, outlining different aspects, interfaces and features of ownCloud Infinite Scale, as well as the technologies that enable us to deliver a truly new generation of file access platform that transforms organizations into efficient sovereign workspaces that scale.

Stay tuned!
Franka and the ownCloud team