Update onwcloud 8.1 to newest version - Problem with QUOTED-PRINTABLE

I have a stone-age 8.1 installation and want to update to a current version.
however, update does not work anymore. I am not supposed to skip a major version, but on some point (Version 9 I think) the contact app got placed into some store, and this store does not exist anymore.

So I want to do a clean re-install and manually export / import the data.
Problem: exporting the contacts in owncloud 8.1 creates vcf files with some fields encoded as ENCODING=QUOTED-PRINTABLE
And the owncloud 10.6 contact app throws error messages when importing the .vcf, and ignores all contacts with such encodings.

Any idea how to re-import the contacts which have been exported by owncloud?

IIRC, I had the same issue. What you can do:

  • Change the failing contacts in the exported vcf with a text editor.
  • Store the vcf as utf-8.

In my case it was only a few contacts (app. 15) that I had to fix, so…

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Yes, you are right. It haven’t been many contacts, and I solved it by finding them in editor, then editing the fields in Owncloud web interface (without actually changing anything), and after re-exporting the contacts, the strange encoding tags were gone.


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