Update OwnCloud X . Passwords error

Hi All!
I have problem with users passwords after update to X.
I cannot loggin via admin or another user with old pass.
If i trying reset pass via email it is imposssible to (((
How can change or restore pass at hosted server ?
PLS Help

Did you forget the password or do you type in the right password and it does not work?

Yes you are right
I am typing right password but can not login

Are those LDAP users or local users?

LDAP users.
I have hosting at Bluehost.com .
2 days before i am just updated OwnCloud from Admin Dashbord inside OwnCloud.
After i had this problem. I cant loggin to admin account to. I am not forget pass it is rigt , when i am typing i gett error pass wrong((

i had conversation with hosting support team…
When we open these link it shows Application Blocked Access to the application you were trying to use has been blocked in accordance with company policy. Please contact your system administrator if you believe this is in error. User: 192.xx.x.xx Application: owncloud-base

Surprisingly at iPhone saple user account stil working

Also at windows app i gett this error

I might be wrong, but isn’t this a CORS issue? CORS was introduced in ocC10, IIRC.

Now you trying to access from a domain, that is seen as untrusted.

Is the admin account on LDAP, or in the database? Did you by any chance change the secret / salt in the config.php during the upgrade, or lost the original config file?

Do you have access to occ command line?

I did not change anything, just updated

Do you have access to occ command line?

I dont know how is possible use at shared hosting server

If you have not access to command line - you can ask the support of your hoster.