Update problems

hello mates,

sorry for asking, may be there are solutions already online but I try to do updates from 9.14 to a newer version since 3 days now


installed on webserver at hosteurope with my own folder name (not owncloud)
backup done
folder on server renamed
download of 9.17 and 10.x
uploaded from my mac via filezilla (actual version)
restored config.php
restored data path
renamed to the old folder name

after that I try to enter my cloud I get a white screen
renamed back to the origin folder everything works perfect

tried it first on version 10.x (newest)
after no success I tried it with 9.17

as it looks I need help
Is there anybody who could assist me?
is it possibly a mac problem?


As I usually say, logs or it didn't happen.

You can also create a dummy php file like the following and check if the server loads it properly in order to discard problems (remove it afterwards):