Update the ubuntu server is it safe to do with owncloud install?

owncloud 10.0.9 on Ubuntu 18.04

I swear I have seen or heard somewhere that once you set this up to not update anything as it could break the system. Of course you would want to update the owncloud from time to time.

But what about system updates … like apt-get update and apt-get upgrade?

is this something that you can’t do as it would break the Owncloud somehow?


Well, as with any update - be careful. Also Ubuntu 18.04 is still not fully supported by ownCloud as stated in the documentation.

Do most people not update the server? and if not does that weaken the security over time?

I actually didnt know that about the ubuntu 18.04 … not real sure how I missed it really.

Would you happen to know IF that is why there is no full sized image preview when you use an app on a phone like cirrus or nextcloud… yes I know but the owncloud app just downloads images instead of just opening them.


i think you should keep your operating system always up to date similar to the ownCloud updates to get the latest bug and security fixes. IMHO it doesn’t make any sense to “freeze” a system in a specific state.

Sure they do, but in different ways. Nobody forces you to install ownCloud from the ubuntu repos.

Ubuntu not owncloud.