Update via Updater from to 10.0.7 fails (Host Europe)

Hello, I just tried to use the updater function to update owncloud server on my Host Europe environment from 10.0.6 to 10.0.7.

First of all I get the famous error: cURL error 7 ... , with which a lot of users are struggeling.

The fix in this post: https://central.owncloud.org/t/update-von-10-0-2-auf-10-0-3-nicht-moglich/10514/6 helped me to finally start the updater (Many Thanks to ViSol :grinning:)

But the updater does not get through and freezes with the following screen:

Has anybody an idea what has gone wrong and can help?

P.S. Please do not recommend a manual update - I know that this works, but it takes so much time&preparation. Normally the updater should be working!

The screenshot shows a "Not allowed" at the end. Maybe your hoster is blocking some required methods or has some stricter rules / configuration so that the "Normally the updater should be working" can't work at that hoster and doing the manual update is the only way?