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I have my OwnCloud hosted by a local service provider. The only reason I stopped using OwnCloud once was, that I couldn’t apply the manual updates. I have no command-line access to the webserver. Since the automatic update is not recommended - and doesn’t start for me anyway: How can I apply updates to my OwnCloud? Why is there no update solution from the admin screen which is reliable?
Can someone help me out here?
(Is there a way to connect my local machine via the terminal app so that I can execute the commands required to update the installation? )

I don’t know how tech-y you are so you may be already aware of this: PHP has an execution limit to prevent requests killing the server indefinitely.

Via CLI there is none by default.

No idea how the new golang based one handles things. Since that seems to be a standalone bin it could be just about anything, or at least until the reverse proxy eventually stops being amused.

In theory, permissions being equal, you could ask your provider to temporarily raise your limit to something ridiculous. But you say it won’t even start, so presumably the OC update nightmares never stopped haha.

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I am not techy enough to understand anything you just said.
Thanks anyway for your reply. I reckon it is time again to look for another alternative.

If you aren’t techy, it doesn’t make sense to run your own online applications. You will be better served by a provider that handles updates and maintenence for you.


Depending on what you need, there may be other simple solutions that don’t require a server.

If you just need to move a few files around every so often and don’t need to have a publicly accessible ‘cloud’, then ‘magic-wormhole’ might suffice. I’m not allowed to post links yet; it’s a python application and should be the first search result.

That is as simple as:
wormhole send README.md on one end
wormhole receive on the other

(on the CLI = command line interface, like cmd on windows etc.)

The wormhole might still look a bit too techy for you or seem intimidating (the name is just a joke not an indication of complexity), but it’s really simple, and you get to keep 100% of control. All you need is to install python.

If you don’t need a legal uptime guarantee or large amounts of space, I know a community ‘cloud’ op that might just accommodate you. Leave me an expiring note with your e-mail, if you’d like to explore that. This forum has no private messages I think, so a self-destructive message is better than leaving data publicly. privatebin DOT info for instance.

Why? This “Web-update” still works, even much better than in the past. But it is not recommended.

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As far as I know, the web updater isn’t supported and / or tested any longer, so I’d refrain from using it (please, post a link if I’m wrong). However, if it’s your only way to update you could give it a try, although it might break things.

As lujmtab699 said, there are time limitations imposed by the web server, and we can’t guarantee that the update will run within that time range. Worst case, the upgrade could be killed in a very bad spot and could give a lot of problems.

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