Updater not showing OC10 as latest version

Hi all,

I'm running OC 9.1.5, (manual install).

When I go to the web GUI, admin>updater , (update channel: "Stable") it says: "Your version is up to date."

I have used webGUI to upgrade point releases previously.

Shouldn't it be showing OC 10.0.1 by now?

We will enable the web updated in the next days. Preparing a 10.0.2 version right now with some fixes.


OK, thanks for making that clear

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OK, so 9.1.6 has shown up, and I've updated to that successfully.

But what about version 10? (e.g. do I just need to be patient, or do I have to do something to make 10.0.2 to show up in the GUI updater?)

Be patient. There have been some issues in version 10 and you want to wait until the developers consider it stable enough to push it via the updater app.