Updates for Owncloud


we're currently running Owncloud Verison 9.1 on a Ubuntu server installation.

We're wondering now: Is a update to, for example, Version 10, necessary for security reasons? Or is Version 9 getting security updates anyway?

Thanks in advance.


9.1 will receive sec updates until February 2018


Do these updates happen automatically or do we have them to install manually?

Updates for apps are distributed via the appstore (until owncloud 9.1) or the marketplace (starting owncloud 10).

The basic server installation is updated depending on your installation.

  1. linux packages -> apt-get update/upgrade workflow should just work out fine
  2. manual installation -> use the updater script

for more detailed information please read the docs - https://doc.owncloud.org/server/latest/admin_manual/maintenance/index.html