Updating from a very old version



For some time ownCloud has been installed but unused and hopefully, will now be re-awakened and used seriously.

To my great embarrassment, my version is 5.0.22!

I have been unable to find a "Check for update" facility within the Web GUI on my server and ask if there is a recommended method of updating such an early version?

The system is Apache 2.4 running PHP v 5.4.7 on a Win Server 2008 R2.

Please feel free to deride me for not keeping this updated!

Any advice will be gratefully received.



you won't be able to upgrade such an old version to a still supported version running on windows (Windows support was dropped with oC 8.0.x). Additionally no one can guarantee that a upgrade path from 5.0.x to 9.1.x (That would be seven major releases to upgrade step by step) will work.

A sane thing would be to setup a fresh 9.1.1 installation on a linux server and migrate your data to that new system.



Sincere thanks for your guidance - it is much appreciated.

Whilst it is a shame that Windows support has been withdrawn, I can understand the wisdom of such a decision.

I feel the big move to a Linux server is becoming more essential as the seconds tick by!

Many thanks again.