Updating to 10.0.10 using Updater

I was upgrading from to 10.0.10

As the admin I used the Updater in the admin settings of Owncloud.

Everything was working fine until I got to “Updating core.” The update then proceeded to hang.

Received a “Server error 500: Internal Server Error Message: Internal Server ErrorSee your webserver logs for details.”

Error: Permission denied

.htaccess pcfg_openfile:unable to check htaccess file - ensure it is readable
Ensure owncloud/data folder is executable

I have checked the permissions on both and they are correct. The htaccess file is readable and the owncloud/data folder is exectuable.

I’ve googled and poured through these forums and the answers aren’t clear. I’m hoping someone in the forum can help.

Now that the system is hanging how to stop the updating process and reactivate owncloud? It was working perfectly.

I installed owncloud in the public_html directory which, from what I read, may have been a mistake. Should I move it out of there? If so what are the steps so I don’t mess up the installation.


Hi sincron,

it is recommended to upgrade manually not over the Web-UI

please follow these instructions

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