Upgrade 10.0.0 on debian 8

Hi there,

I wonder why I dont see any updatepackages v10.0.0 (stable) on my debian 8 system (act. running v9.1.6).
Now I found out, that in the owncloud repo for debian 8 there is no version 10.0.0 available. (https://download.owncloud.org/download/repositories/stable/Debian_8.0/)

What is the reason? Should I use another repository?


Hi there,

if you want to update to 10.0 you can use this link:


Hi dmitry,

thank you, I'll try this.

Kind Regards

But if there are newer versions, than I have to use another repo link? Isn't there a possibility to monitor 1 Link and to have all the updates? :confused:


You could wait until ownCloud 10.0.3, it has electrolytes!

No but srsly, 10.0.3 is a great version and is to be released before the ownCloud conference which is on the 20th of September. It has many improvements. I would wait for it. Then you don't need to change anything, you would be able to just hit update and get it.

That is what I asked for. I was not sure if any v10 would be visible within the "normal" repo-link.

THX a lot, so I will wait.

Have a nice rest of the week...

Glad that I could help you out :slight_smile:

Thanks and I great week to you too