Upgrade to 10.0.4 stops in between

I started the update via index.php/settings/admin?sectionid=general

But for 1h the page says "his ownCloud instance is currently in maintenance mode, which may take a while."
I checked the update.log and the last entry (1h old) says:
[info] Execution of upgrade:postUpgradeCleanup command stopped. Exit code is 0

The config.php says'maintenance' => true but I guess nothing more is happening :frowning:

The page updater/index.php asks me to enter the "updater.secret" from your ownCloud's config/config.php.
But this password is encrypted in config.php and I cannot remember I ever set a pwd here.

Now, how can I proceed?


have you tried your admin password? That should be the one that is encrypted in the config.php