Upgrade 4.90.13 to 10.2

Hi all,

I’m using owncloud version 4.90.13 in my production environment. At that time, my boss asked me to stay update to date. So, I decided to upgrade my owncloud to latest stable version 10.2 . I explored some sites about upgrading without data lose but I didn’t found any relevant answers. Could you guys please help me to upgrade my old owncloud to fresh one?



Skipping major releases is not supported. However you can migrate from latest 8.2.x and latest 9.0.x straight to latest ownCloud 10.x.x

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it seems another user had asked a quite similar question on such an upgrade in a thread i’m linking above.

In your case i think the main problem would be to find such older releases before 7 to do the upgrade as well as knowledged people with such old versions if you’re facing any upgrade problems.

Maybe starting with a fresh installation of ownCloud 10.2 might be a better choice?