Upgrade from 10.0.10 directly to 10.3?


I need some clarification on the recommended upgrade path for ownCloud (in a hosted environment, no access to shell or occ).

I am currently running version and found the latest server version to be 10.3. There are also releases for 10.1.1, 10.2.0 and 10.3.0 - so what steps do I need to take in order to go to 10.3 in the end?



it looks to me that your questions is already answered in the examples given within the ownCloud documentation related to the upgrading topic:


Thank you! Not sure I fully follow what is explained on that link, though.
That table next to “Tip” with the column “Can Upgrade to 10.2.1?” on your link tells me that it is not always the same for different versions. 9.1.0 can go to 10.2.1, and so can 9.1.8, but 9.0.8 cannot while 9.0.9 can.

Not being tightly in the loop with oc development, I am not sure what the last point release is for my current installation (where does 10.0 end?). It would be nice to have a list of releases I need to “jump” through in order to get to the latest version.

Meanwhile I found that the updating mechanism in the admin interface also has some built-in logic how to upgrade: For my version, it suggests to upgrade to 10.1.1 and then to 10.3.0, which will skip 10.2. Doesn’t this contradict the guidelines on the link you posted?

Overall, the upgrade path is still rather confusing to me - and since I need to backup over 1 GB of data with each upgrade, I cannot do it with every point release. So I am bound to be in the same position again in the near future…

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if the upgrade path is confusing then i think it could be the best to contact the ownCloud team at their bugtracker asking for some clarification.

The one for the documentation (if there are confusing parts in the documentation) is available at https://github.com/owncloud/docs/issues where the tracker for the updater app (which seems to be responsible for the updating mechanism) is available at https://github.com/owncloud/updater/issues