Upgrade from 10.0.8 to 10.0.9

Upgrading from 10.0.8 to 10.0.9 from softaculous. Upon completion, Update needed
It looks like your instance may host many files and/or users. To ensure a smooth upgrade process, please use the command line updater (occ upgrade).

Any help?

Is this assumption true? If yes, you really shouldn’t use the web-updater.

I also not sure. I assumed yes due to the message. Problem is I don’t know how to update through OCC upgrad e :sweat_smile:

OK, but does this mean that you don’t know how many users yo have on your server?

What i’m doing personally in such cases where i don’t know what to do is to have a look at the related documentation of the software. If i’m searching for the mentioned “occ upgrade” in the ownCloud documentation:


i can find the following article which might provide the information you’re looking for:


A more throughout documentation on an upgrade seems to be available here:


I have just checked total 72 Users and 15GB files.

Thnks Tom for the link. I did gone through the link but does not really provide in depth steps by steps for OCC upgrade for self hosted web. :sweat_smile:

What exactly did you mean with “self hosted web”?

Sorry, I mean owncloud server on my hosting


if i’m clicking on the third link in my post i can find a quite throughout step by step guide on how to do the occ upgrade. Maybe you can point out what steps you’re missing?

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