Upgrade from 10.1.1 to current 10.13.3 - any special things to consider?

Hello Community,

i found a very old ownCloud installation at a friends server…
and i would like to help him get it back to the current stable version.

is it save to upgrade directly from 10.1.1 to 10.13.3?
or do i need to do a in between version for some what ever reason?

thanks for all hints and ideas :slight_smile:

sunny greetings

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Please upgrade to 10.14.0 as 10.13.X is no longer current. Your questions are all answered clearly in the following documentation.

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Thanks LinkP for the hint on 1.14. i was a little bit late on this :wink:

i was on the manual upgrade guide before posting the message -
and as gone there by a bookmark missed the big intro section with just the asked question

thanks for point me there!

sunny greetings stefan

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In fairness, 10.14 only just came out this week (in the official ownCloud Debian repo at least). :wink:


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