Upgrade from 8.2.9 to 9.1.4 wrong path / can't run occ upgrade

Working on upgrading my instance today from 8.2.5 to 9.1.4. I successfully upgrade via the upgrade utility to 8.2.9, then I used the linux package manager to install 9.1.4.

The server is running Ubuntu 10.04, some of these problem may be due to I selected the Ubuntu 10.10 instead of the 10.04 repo.

Seeing weird results:

  • It extracted the files to /data/owncloud/owncloud
  • occ status shows:
    • installed: true
    • version:
    • versionstring: 8.2.9
    • edition:
  • running occ --version from /data/owncloud results in:
    ownCloud version 8.2.9
  • running occ --version from /data/owncloud/owncloud results in:
    ownCloud version 9.1.4
  • occ upgrade states (from /data/owncloud)
    ownCloud is already latest version

Do I simply need to remap apache to /data/owncloud/owncloud?

How do I finish / complete this upgrade?


it seems you have messed up the installation completely as you're not supposed to mix different install methods (manual and repository packages).

I would suggest to:

  1. backup your data on client-side
  2. purge all packages, databases and ownCloud files
  3. install a fresh ownCloud 9.1.4 with the correct repository
  4. re-import the backed up data

Um, that really isn't an option.

I'll be a bit more specific. There's over 3Tb of data in this system with more than 100+ users. Doing a complete export and rebuild will be problematic.

Are there other options?

You probably need to figure out what version is currently running any why you did got such duplicated folders. If those folders where duplicated after the installation via the packages and you're still running 8.2.9 then remove the packages and stay with the manual installation method.

Furthermore you can't jump directly from 8.2.9 to 9.1.4 as stated at various points at the documentation. Maybe also just go back to your backup and start again without switching from manual installation to the packages.

The 8.2.9 version is definitely the version that is still running. The latter version has no config or data path.

I'll investigate more tomorrow on how I can get the upgrade utility to work. In theory, since that version is the live version it should be able to do an upgrade normally.

When I last tried yesterday, occ upgrade stated "ownCloud is already latest version"

Yes, occ upgrade will only run the database upgrade routine (this is IIRC also documented somewhere at doc.owncloud.org).

If you're still on 8.2.9 its the best to purge the 9.1.4 packages and then stay with the manual upgrades. If you want to go to 9.1.4 its also important that you're doing a correct upgrade with the following steps: 8.2.9 -> 8.2.10 -> 9.0.5 -> 9.1.4

For sanity sake, before I do anything else stupid with this system that could impact a lot of people. What would be the correct method of removing the packages?

sudo aptitude remove owncloud?

Is that even necessary? Shall I just remove the /data/owncloud/owncloud path and move on?

Additionally, I poked around in the database schema looking for anything that may elude to the version that the database is running and couldn't find anything that stated either version 8.2.9 or 9.1.4. Is there something I should check before moving on?