Upgrade from to forgot to put the data folder in place

We have updated ouw owncloud server to latest version ( when we downloaded the latest package,
we toke the config file in place, but forgot to also put the data folder into the latest version folder.
Then we started the upgrade process and noticed the missing data folder after all was done...
Now, OwnCloud is working as expected, and all installed user accounts are available and accessible.
But all user doesn't have any files and folders anymore.
Even if we just put the data folder now in place, all user accounts are just empty.
Is there any way how to rescan the data folder for all users and get back the files displayed?

Server: CentOS 6.8 x86_64
PHP: 5.6

Any support is much appreciated!
Thank you!



you can try to run the files:scan command:


This will give the files back to the users. However you should note that the sync clients of your users will start to download all files again. Furthermore all Sharings are also lost.