Upgrade from OC 8.00 to latest Stable version - Keeping customisations

Hi I Have hopefully a simple question.

Currently I run OC 8.00 hosted on premise. running on an apache server on Windows 7 prof.

We have customised it and changed the colour and logos etc.

My question is:

If I upgrade to the latest version will I lose all of those customisations?


you can't upgrade to anything above 8.0 as windows support was dropped already with 8.0 like explained in [1]. Furthermore as no one knows what and how you have done the modifications its hard to tell you if you're loosing it.


Thanks very much. So my options are:
1. Leave it as it is.
2. Move to a linux machine, and do a fresh install.

assuming I go to option 2
My website is hosted with Godaddy and according to them I can install it in my webspace. My original installation was done by an ex-friend (divorced & won't speak to anyone that knew his ex-wife), How easy is it to install.

I'm pretty ok with my SBS exchange server, but don't really understand the terminology.

Well, I seem to have installed it on my webspace with Godaddy. That was easy, I can't believe i've done it right, but it seems to be working.