Upgrade from OC 8.2.9 to 9.1.x on Shared Server


Can someone point me to the instructions for upgrading from OC 8.2.8 to 9.x.x on shared server WITHOUT command-line access.

Should I be updating to OC 9.0.6 from the Beta channel and then proceed on to 9.1.2?

There are some database-updates that can take some time, so especially on larger setups you should have command-line access. If only the upgrade is a problem, you could migrate your setup on a local system, do all the upgrades, and then migrate back.

The proper way to upgrade is from OC 8.2.8 to the latest OC 9.0.x -> https://owncloud.org/changelog/#latest9.0 and then 9.1.x -> https://owncloud.org/changelog/#latest9.1

Beta-channel is only for testing setups and should never be used in productive systems.