Upgrade from php 5,3.x to 5.6.x

Hello, my web provider changed from php 5.3 to 5.6, and my OC6.0.8 no longer works..

I have tracked it to $_SESSION data not beeing set correctly.

After logging in, session data is lost.

{"app":"PHP","message":"session_start(): Unexpected end of serialized data at (!-- removed --!) \lib\private\session\internal.php#21","level":3,"time":"2016-08-08T13:59:29+00:00"}
{"app":"PHP","message":"session_start(): Failed to decode session object. Session has been destroyed at (!-- removed --!)\lib\private\session\internal.php#21","level":3,"time":"2016-08-08T13:59:29+00:00"}

I konw oc6 is old but would like to get it to work again, hope someone can help..

Try to clear the session store on your server and also try to connect using a private/incognito browser.

Dose not work.

OC6 uses Objects is $_SESSION, this seems to be incompatible when moving to php 5.6.x

As far as i have been able to test, the change happened during php 5.5.x to php 5.6.x

All works if i run oc on php 5.4.x

Not sure how to make a workaround...

Upgrade to a still supported version of oC? oC 6 is end-of-life since one year and even oC 7 reached end-of-life a few months ago:


There is really no point in trying to get this fixed. Either stay at PHP 5.4 or use PHP 5.6+ with a recent oC version.

Upgrading OC is not an option.

Im using my only apps, would have to rewrite 110K+ lines of code...

And be4 you say that the bug might be in my code; its not, installing a "clean" oc6 yeilds the same error.

Sure, then you're probably hitting a bug in oC 6 which won't get any fixes. So just stay on PHP 5.4 until you're able to do the only sane thing and upgrade to an supported oC version.

Thats the problem my web provider wont go any lower than php 5.6, so untill i fix this my system is down.. :frowning:

I wouldn't run OC 6 on a public server. Put it at least behind a VPN. I see three options:

  • Find a webhost with php 5.4
  • Rewrite your app to make it work with a current OC
  • FIx OC 6 to make it work with php 5.6

If your app is interesting for more people, you could try to motivate some of them for a rewrite.

Fixed it !

lib/private/session/memory.php (changed 'get' and 'set' functions)

* @param string $key
* @param mixed $value
public function set($key, $value) {
if($key=='loginname') {
$this->data[$key] = $value->getUID();
} else {
$this->data[$key] = $value;

* @param string $key
* @return mixed
public function get($key) {
if (!$this->exists($key)) {
return null;
if($key=='loginname') {
return OC::$server->getUserManager()->get($this->data[$key]);
} else {
return $this->data[$key];

Quick and dirty :stuck_out_tongue:

Now just have to fix 'function initL10N(app) ' in core/js/js.js
The async: false in the $.ajax call breaks the translation, quick fix is to set it to 'true',
ofcuz text dont get translated by doing that...
Working on it..

FYI: I removed the solution flag of the post above - it is not a proper solution to manually change code like this.

Do you want to submit a bugfix and do a release for oC 6.0.x including this fix? :wink:

Hell - no :fearful: - but digging in that old code will bring no good ..... upgrade should really be considered as the only meaningful solution.

Hehe, ok. Thought that initially when reading your post. :grin:

So marked the suggestion to upgrade to a recent version as a solution.

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