Upgrade gone wrong - can't enable apps

Hello! Second question. When I've gone through the various upgrades from OC 8 to 9.1.6 (beta), it looks like there's been an issue somewhere with upgrading the apps / apps section. Whenever I try and enable an app, it just say's there an error and an upgrade needs to be done. But I can't enable the updater and the command line doesn't work either, it just goes back to the page that says an upgrade needs to be done.

So. If I trashed all the files with the exception of "core" and "data" (data being where all the files are) and then dragged a fresh set of files in from a fresh download of 9.1.6, what's the chances it'll go alright and pick up from where it left off?

I have already tried trashing the "apps" folder and dragging a new one in, but issue persists.

Oh and I'm on a MacOS Server, yes I know it's not supported :wink:

Would it help if I said ... Let's pretend I'm on a Linux server instead?