Upgrade issue -> 9.1


I messed it up.

Initially (+1 year ago), I installed oC 8.0.4 via opensuse feed on Ubuntu 14.04 server. All worked fine. Now I tried to upgrade to 8.2.1 using the web interface upgrade interface. Step 1-3 went fine, but the database (mysql) upgrade failed. Meanwhile I believe the entire /var/www/owncloud content seems messed up.

Bottomline, I like to install latest 9.1 now. However I don't really know which version was last installed since I did a couple of upgrades already after initial installation (8.0.4). config/config.php says 'version' => ''.

Now ... how can I install install 9.1 and migrate/upgrade the database from to 9.1?


Normally you do one major upgrade to the other. From 8.0->8.1->8.2->9.0 (make sure all calendars and contacts are properly converted) -> 9.1.

The web-interface upgrade is not the best, more reliably are manual upgrades:
- remove all files/folders, except data/ and config/
- download and extract next major version from https://owncloud.org/changelog
- run sudo -u www-data php /var/www/owncloud/occ upgrade

Don't forget to make a backup before starting the upgrade procedure. In the current state, get the code of the latest OC 8.1.x and make sure your setup runs before proceeding to the next upgrade.

As explained in your github issue we have a FAQ here explaining the needed steps:

Man ... you saved my day.
Worked exactly as you described.

Many thanks !!!

So I keep the fingers away from the web interface upgrade feature in the future.

What about uid/gid?
May I leave this to nobody/nogroup?