Upgrade market apps in cluster installation

Good day to you all, i have a question regarding my clustered installation. Three nodes of OC server at version 10.12 i must migrate them to 10.13.1 reading best practice from admin manual the section regarding upgrade market apps say:
" The Market app, both the UI and command line, are not, currently, designed to operate on clustered installations. Given that, you will have to update the applications on each server in the cluster individually. There are several ways to do this. But here is a concise approach:

  1. Download the latest server release from the Download Server Packages page.
  2. Download your installed apps from the ownCloud marketplace.
  3. Combine them together into one installation source, such as a Docker or VM image, or an Ansible script, etc.
  4. Apply the combined upgrade across all the cluster nodes in your ownCloud setup."
    The question is about point three… how can i combine all apps tar.gz files into one package? Please excuse me for my probably stupid question but i cant figure how upgrade market apps i have a good knowledge of linux system so i can procede without pain !! Thanks in advance on helping me.

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