Upgrade of owncloud server

Right now I have an owncloud server in version which works properly. Yesterday, I tried to install V10.2.1 and it failed due to my version of php (V5 instead of V7). It’s too tricky to upgrade php (pb of dependencies). I plan to migrate to a new server in the following months but in the meantime I would like to install the last version of owncloud which works with php 5.
So my question is: does owncloud server V10.1.1 OK with php 5?
Thank you for your reply.

doc.owncloud.com > admin manual > installation > system requirements



I think you should really look into migrating to PHP v7. If you’re running Debian or Ubuntu it shouldn’t be too hard to have multiple versions of PHP installed side by side with https://deb.sury.org/

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