Upgrade on shared host via Updater App fails on proc_open

We recently started using ownCloud on a shared host. Version is currently running and working very well from our point of view. Our web view shows 10.0.7 is available and the only option I can see for us to upgrade on a shared host is to use the Updater App.
Unfortunately the Updater App fails during installation because our provider has disabled proc_open.
(I've asked but they will not activate it, apparently not even temporarily)
I've searched and I see this problem discussed a little back in 2016/17 whilst 9.0 was the latest version.
So I wonder what happened about this issue?
Was there a solution we can use or is shared hosting doomed?
Is there a simple process whereby we can do a clean install of the new version and have it use the existing data and database without major disruption?
Regards; David


I would suggest either looking for another hoster, or to backup your existing data and database, make a clean install, and restore the backup.

Hi Dmitry,

Thanks for the advice. I'll look more closely at the backup/restore options to see how that would work.

Regards; David

Here is the ownCloud documentation to this topic.