Upgrade owncloud 10 to owncloud Infinite Scale 2.0

Hi! Is it possible to upgrade owncloud 10 to owncloud Infinite Scale 2.0 without data loss? How can I do this, is there an update instruction?

There is no direct migration path. You would need to set up a new system with Infinitescale in parallel and migrate the data user by user as described in Migrate Data using rclone | ownCloud

Keep in mind that Infinitescale may not yet have a replacement for oC 10 apps. I would recommend testing Infinitescale first to see if it meets your needs before you start migrating data.

Can I clarify the next version of ownCloud 10.12 will be available only in docker?

No next releases will still be available as tarballs, but you still have to use PHP 7.4. If your OS does not provide PHP 7.4 anymore it’s recommended to use the container images. But that’s also already mentioned in the announcement:

Has anyone tried to migrate a user from ownCloud to Infinity Scale, whose data is encrypted and of which the password is unknown to the administrator?

Does Infinity Scale allow for this scenario?

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