Upgrade OwnCloud 7.0.2

Hi all,
I want to upgrade an old OwnCloud 7.0.2 instance to latest. From my understanding this path should be
7.0.2 → 7.0.15 → 8.2.11 → 9.1.8 → 10.2.1 because we cannot skip major versions.

I tried 7.0.2 to 8.2.11 which failed with message that versions cannot be skipped.

Subsequently I tried 7.0.2 to 7.0.15 which also failed with message

OC\DB\MigrationException: An exception occurred while executing ‘ALTER TABLE oc_oc_appconfig_2e28dc890c091 ADD “appid” VARCHAR(32) DEFAULT ‘’ NOT NULL’:

SQLSTATE[42701]: Duplicate column: 7 ERROR: column “appid” of relation “oc_oc_appconfig_2e28dc890c091” already exists

So that sort of leaves me between a rock and hard place. I cannot go to 8.2.11. I cannot go to 7.0.2.

What are the supported upgrade paths for such an older application? Can it still be upgraded?

I would recommend restoring to 7.0.2 from backup and then start over with upgrading along the well known path.

Okay, I have 7.0.2 instance. What is well known path? I already tried
7.0.2 → 7.0.15 fails on duplicate column
7.0.2 → 8.2.11 fails with message about skipping major versions
7.0.2 → 10.2.1 fails with message about skipping major versions

You named it: 7.0.2 → 7.0.15 → 8.2.11 → 9.1.8 → 10.2.1

Yes, but after you tried an invalid abbreviation:

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@boldlookup: Just for my personal curiosity: Have you been using oc7 since then, or is it a zombie installation to be revitalized now? What is or was the reason to keep it without any upgraded all the time?

Depending of your content and the count of users it might be simpler to start over directly with a new install of the latest version.

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Actually I think it needs to be:
7.0.2 → 7.0.15 → 8.0.16 → 8.1.12 → 8.2.11 → 9.0.11 → 9.1.8 → 10.2.1

because 8.0, 8.1, 8.2, 9.0 and 9.1 are all „major“ versions.

See here: https://owncloud.org/news/owncloud-release-model-changes/

and here: https://github.com/owncloud/core/wiki/Maintenance-and-Release-Schedule

EDIT: according to https://github.com/owncloud/core/blob/v10.2.1/version.php one should be able to go directly from 8.2.11 to 10.2.1

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Thanks! I didn’t verify the chain given by @boldlookup.

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@alfredb it is not a zombie installation but due to lack of funds / time not maintenance was not done for a couple of years.