Upgrade ownCloud

I have a question about upgrade ownCloud to version 10.0.7,
My ownCloud running on CentOS 7 in version 9.1.5 (install from epel - yum install owncloud)
How can i update oC to v10.0.7?
In epel still is 9.1.5.
I have always updated through yum update and occ upgrade.

That repo isn't controlled by ownCloud, so I guess it depends on the maintainer of the package. You might want to contact him.

I think the least intrusive way would be to install a fresh ownCloud 10.0.7 server and connect it to the old one via external storage. You can then move the files from the old server to the new one, or use the old server as an external storage. The only potential problem I see is that shares might be lost.
This might be an idea for small personal servers, but not a good one if you have to deal with a lot of users.

The problem that I sse with a manual update (fetch the latest package from ownCloud and update), in addition to the risk of doing it wrong, is that you might receive an update from the repo that might break your setup ("updating" from 10.0.7 to 9.1.7 for example). This is why switching update methods isn't recommended.