Upgrade to 10.9.1 - Integrity Check Fail

I updated to 10.9.1. After a successful report, I am getting Integrity Failures

Seems to be related to Google judging by the report. It’s a big text document.

Here’s an extract:

- l10n/ru_RU.js
- l10n/zh_CN.GB2312.js
- l10n/sk.json
- l10n/sk.js
- l10n/ca_ES.js
- l10n/ru_RU.json
- l10n/ca_ES.json
- l10n/zh_CN.GB2312.json

  • files_versions
      • lib/MetaStorage.php
      • l10n/si.json
      • l10n/si.js
  • files_external
      • 3rdparty/google/auth/.php-cs-fixer.dist.php
      • 3rdparty/google/auth/src/Middleware/ProxyAuthTokenMiddleware.php
      • 3rdparty/google/auth/renovate.json
      • 3rdparty/google/auth/SECURITY.md
      • 3rdparty/google/apiclient-services/src/Cloudbilling/TierRate.php
      • 3rdparty/google/apiclient-services/src/Cloudbilling/SetIamPolicyRequest.php
      • 3rdparty/google/apiclient-services/src/Cloudbilling/Money.php
      • 3rdparty/google/apiclient-services/src/Cloudbilling/Expr.php
      • 3rdparty/google/apiclient-services/src/Cloudbilling/Sku.php
      • 3rdparty/google/apiclient-services/src/Cloudbilling/Resource/BillingAccounts.php
      • 3rdparty/google/apiclient-services/src/Cloudbilling/Resource/BillingAccountsProjects.php
      • 3rdparty/google/apiclient-services/src/Cloudbilling/Resource/Services.php
      • 3rdparty/google/apiclient-services/src/Cloudbilling/Resource/ServicesSkus.php
      • 3rdparty/google/apiclient-services/src/Cloudbilling/Resource/Projects.php
      • 3rdparty/google/apiclient-services/src/Cloudbilling/ListSkusResponse.php
      • 3rdparty/google/apiclient-services/src/Cloudbilling/ListServicesResponse.php
      • 3rdparty/google/apiclient-services/src/Cloudbilling/Binding.php
      • 3rdparty/google/apiclient-services/src/Cloudbilling/Service.php

And further down, this kind of thing:

             [3rdparty/google/apiclient-services/src/SecurityCommandCenter/StreamingConfig.php] => Array
                        [expected] => 
                        [current] => bc3955d569ad34bcb26b2e1b71eae83ffb6a0d50f4c4673b972aa774ccaf98f19685a58169e4e212ceacbf86a1cbae0d1a0b0906fe3151b4cb4c5f014dde307c

Please see Fixing Invalid Code Integrity Messages in the docs.

Usually, stuff tagged EXTRA_FILE can be deleted, as it doesn’t belong to the current installation. Creating a backup first, just in case.

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Okay thanks. Seems a huge amount of Google-related files have been deprecated or something. Luckily I think they’re all in one main folder so I’ll axe that and see what happens.

IMHO this files remain from an incorrect update. If the update is done correctly, you should never have such litter. This can only happen, when the new tarball is extracted over the old one.

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Well, I was on 10.8.something and had no problems. I ran the update from the Updater. Once it had finished it made me run a second update process from the login screen (where it also suggested I could run ./occ upgrade on the host instead). Actually, on first attempt I did it on the host, though it was of course “php occ upgrade”, not “./occ upgrade”). Logged in and found the integrity check failures. So I restored my 10.8 backups. Logged in - no problems reported. Upgraded a second time, this time running the second update process from the web interface. Update reported success. Logged in - integrity failures exactly the same as the first attempt.

You shouldn’t do that any longer, it’s deprecated.

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That’s interesting. There’s nothing in the WebUI to suggest the updater is deprecated. If it is, how is one meant to run updates?

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I know, but AFAIK it’s true.

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I always do manual upgrade per the link at the bottom of this page ^^

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