Upgrade version o migrate data?


Currently we use version 8.0.2 of owncloud and we need to migrate it to the last one available, could you help me by indicating how I can do it?
Also, I have a new server with centos 7 with a fresh installation version 10.0.10, is it possible to only migrate the data and users from 8.0.2 to 10.0.10 on this new server?

Thank you so much.


i think you have two possibilities:

Upgrade version

Update 8.0.2 to the latest 8.0 version, afterwards to the latest 8.1 version, then to the latest 8.2 version and finally to 10.0.10

Migrate data

From what i know there is no “migration” of data available from and older version to a newer one without losing the users and the shares they have created. If you’re o.K. with this you could try to re-create all users in your new 10.0.10 installation, then move over the data from the old 8.0.2 installation to the new one and finally run the occ files:scan command to update the ownCloud internal database with the information about the new files.

Not sure how sync-client will behave with this approach, they might see the “new” installation wrongly and could start to delete their local files.