Upgraded from 9.x to 10.x - Encryption Settings Changed

I've upgraded to the latest release and it seems the encryption settings have changed from the 9.x series to the 10.x series. Upon upgrading to 10.x, I had to re-enable the 'default encryption module' and have logged out and logged back in to the admin area. Now I have the option of selecting a 'master key' or a 'user-specific key', which I don't remember selecting between in the old 9.x series. Before I select one or the other, is there any way that I can figure out what I had selected before?

Another question I have is that I've upgraded via the web-based updater in the admin menu, but I have 'invalid hash', 'extra file' and 'file missing' code integrity check errors. Is the correct method of addressing these errors to download a manual OwnCloud zip file and selectively upload/overwrite the files in question? I'm curious how these errors resulted given I've followed the recommended steps.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Edit in case someone else has a similar issue: I've addressed the code integrity checks by following the linked documentation and removing the extra files, uploading the missing files, and overwriting those with invalid hashes by downloading a new copy of OwnCloud and manually traversing the directories of the expanded zip.


You have to select the kind of encryption that you had in 9.

Any way to find out what that was now?

If you had not master key encryption enabled - and you would know if you have, because it's not that simple to enable - you choose master key again.

If not - choose the user specific key encryption.

So I chose wrong and I'm unable to open any of my own files. Thankfully, I had local backups but I need to completely obliterate my Owncloud installation and start from fresh.

What's the best/recommended way to do this as cleanly and efficiently as possible?

To do a clean installation?