Upgraded to latest version - web interface empty

Hello -

I have owncloud installed using Softaculous. I’ve been running it for a while with no issues. I did the upgrade to the latest version today via Softaculous. The upgrade was successful and I can login and everything. But when I login to the web interface, it’s not showing my files.

The files are still in my synced folders on my computers. And I can add new files, etc. But when I try to access from the web, they aren’t there.

I’m relatively new to owncloud, so I’m not sure how to troubleshoot there. There are no visible errors in the interface or in the logs.


No idea about Softaculous. Open an issue there?

What was the ownCloud version before the update? What is the version now?

Softaculous says to contact the developer.

I’m currently running Owncloud 10.5 on a CentOS server. Previous version was 10.4 I believe.

Any help would be appreciated.

Have a look for errors in browser and server logs?

All right, I reloaded it with the dev tools turned on - here’s what Chrome returns - it’s pulling some kind of 404 error. Is it a permissions issue? Should I just reinstall and overwrite the files there?

It has started working again. I have no idea why as I haven’t tried any fixes. I can you can consider this closed.

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