Upgrading 8.1.9 -> 9.1.1



Trying to move a server from our distro repos (8.1.9 newest) to ownCloud repos (9.1.1), but could not find the required intermediate versions, and a direct upgrade is impossible (occ complains and refuses, as it should).

What is the best way to ownCloud repos and do the upgrade?



there is a documentation available here containing the steps needed if you skipped a few releases while using the packages:



That's what I tried, .. 8.1.9 -> 9.1.1 does not work with the normal upgrade process.

How can one do this upgrade? It would really be nice to use the community repos, .. as they are much more current than most distros.



have you read the posted link above exactly explaining the steps for the packages/repos?

If you don't understand the steps provided there you could explain what issues you have with these instructions.


Yes, I can read. Can you?

As I said, 8.19 -> 9.1.1 DNW with occ upgrade, .. found your reference with the search function, but it chokes on this upgrade (too many versions or something similar).

As occ will not deal with this upgrade, and the newest version in the distro repos is 8.1.9, how can we get to 9.1.1?


Add the ownCloud 8.2 repo, run the upgrade, add the 9.0 repo, run the upgrade, add the 9.1 repo, run the upgrade?

Exactly as explained in the link? As you're trying to upgrade directly from 8.1.9 to 9.1.1 it seems you're not looking at the correct docs.


That's the part that was missing from the link, .. more succinctly: "Major releases are 8.0, 8.1, 8.2, and 9.0." (e.g. https://doc.owncloud.org/server/8.2/admin_manual/maintenance/upgrade.html).

The other aspect missing from the link is WHERE to find the intermediate releases, .. one has to manually remove the current repo and then add the next in sequence by manually changing the URL:

(e.g. 8.2 -> 9.0 -> 9.1) ^^^

In any case, the details are there, but definitely NOT in the high-level docs like your original reference.


-> You’ll find previous ownCloud releases in the ownCloud Server Changelog.

from: https://doc.owncloud.org/server/9.1/admin_manual/maintenance/package_upgrade.html#upgrading-across-skipped-releases

which links you to https://owncloud.org/changelog/ where you can find all current and previous releases as well as all links to each repository.

Based on this info one could easily match the info in that "high level" thingy to:

  • Add the repository of your current version -> Obviously 8.1.x
  • Upgrade your current version to the latest point release -> 8.1.10
  • Add the repo of the next major release -> 8.2.x
  • Upgrade your current version to the next major release -> 8.2.8
  • Run upgrade routine -> For that one simple needs to scroll up
  • Repeat from step 3 until you reach the last available major release

So its all there, one just needs to read.


Btw. if you're missing infos there you can always post an issue at:


explaining what you're missing. Just screaming "does not work" and "infos missing" won't help anyone.:slight_smile: