Upgrading from 6.0.1 (Windows/IIS) to 9.1.5 (Centos/Apache)


I would really welcome some advice on how best to go about this. Is it possible to build a Centos/Apache version of 6.0.1 and then run through the upgrades? If yes then can someone advise which releases I need to go through?

I have less than a hundred users and 8k files in 1200 folders - perhaps we could migrate the necessary mysql data (making required changes for table layouts etc.)?

Or perhaps I just bulk upload the files (almost all of them are in a one particular user's folder and then shared from there) - and possibly fix the timestamps in the database (not sure if the users will need this, perhaps not).

Many thanks in advance for all advice.


From what i have read in the past its not even possible to migrate from windows to linux [1]. I guess you have two options:

  • fresh installation of 9.1.5 and let your users import their data from client-side
  • contact the ownCloud company to get a quote / support for such a migration