Upgrading from 9.0.10 to 9.1.8 and then 10.0.10, calendar and contacts apps issue/questions


I will upgrade from OC 9.0.10 to OC10.0.10. Before doing that I’m doing some tests on a test VM which is a copy of the production system. It worked quite well but I’ve some questions/issues:

  • As explained in the upgrade documentation I started with ./occ dav:migrate-addressbooks and dav:migrate-calendars.
  • I upgraded from 9.0.10 to 9.0.11. After this, the Calendar and Contacts App have been disabled and I can’t find it in the “Applications” menu. Is it normal ? I understand that using the dav:migrate-* moves from the apps to the core. Is it correct ? Does it means the contacts/calendar apps are not required anymore ?
  • Then I upgraded from 9.0.11 to 9.1.8. Still no Calendar and Contacts App available.
  • Finally I do the upgrade from 9.1.8 to 10.0.10 and finally I can install Calendar and Contacts apps.
  • However I can’t access the calendar, there is an issue which can be solved by manually doing:
    ALTER TABLE oc_dav_shares ADD publicuri VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL AFTER principaluri; (found here: https://github.com/owncloud/core/issues/27754). As this issue has been closed in 2017, I was wondering why it still occures.

Does it means that I can’t stay at 9.1.8 but should definitely migrate to 10.0.10 to get back the calendar and contacts apps ? Also, in 9.0.10 the Contacts and Calendar apps are classified as Unsupported. Which is not the case in 10.0.10.

Thank you very much for any advice.

Apparently some other migrations didn’t run well. As I’ve also an issue with column fileid missing in oc_properties table. I was able to rerun the migrations with occ migrations:.

Actually the Migrations beeing missed was caused by the fact that I wrote a script to automatize the migration, and I was not dropping the database before, which means that the oc_migrations (which is not present on OC9.0) was still present, though, the migrations were not executed.

So, we can consider this case as closed and I will repost the question regarding Contacts and Calendar apps.