Upgrading from owncloud-files 10.1

This is on Ubuntu 18.04. dpkg shows that I currently have owncloud-files 10.1.0-1+1.1.

I just changed my repo to opensuse ( for server - 10 - Ubuntu_18.04), because the key for the old repo (attic dot owncloud dot org) had expired.

However, the new repo does not have “owncloud-files” it only has “owncloud-complete-files”.

Could someone please suggest a reasonable upgrade path or different repo that won’t cause headaches or lost data along the way?

Life is a lot easier when you upgrade more often. Ubuntu 18.04 LTS went out of support earlier this year. It is only supported via paid Extended Security Maintenance now. OwnCloud 10.2.0, which replaced ownCloud 10.1, was released almost four and a half years ago!

You will need to upgrade to PHP 7.4, but should be able to go from 10.1 to 10.13.

The recommended package to use is owncloud-complete-files . It only installs ownCloud, and does not install Apache, a database, or any of the required PHP dependencies.

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