Upload a heap of external disks


I have some heap of external disks maybe 30 or 40), containing very valuable information.

It’s time (well, it was time to do it 10 years ago) to move information to my Owncloud server, yes, I do have enough space.

What is the best strategy to do it? Connect a disk, and just set up sychronization, than turn it off, connect next disk and repeat? Is there any more bulk solution?

Back in 2017, there was a thread on it, but it seems like download is possible, but not an upload…

Depending on how you want to make the files available, I would copy the files into the ownCloud user account’s data folder and run an occ files:scan for that user.

You could use an ownCloud user which is going to log in directly, or alternatively create a different ownCloud user just for sharing their files with a user group, which is not meant for logging in.

I think that is the most fool proof and fastest method. Because otherwise you will have to upload the files through either the webUI or the ownCloud client, which is a copy operation through the network, web server and PHP processing. While the other case, in a best case scenario would be a block device operation.


Looks fine; will check at once!

Works fine; thank you!

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