Upload files,The file name is missing。 help me

1.--->>I want to upload this file

2---->>then ....File name becomes like this :sob::sob: The page file can not be deleted, I Have To Deleted through the database :weary::weary:

3.--->>If the front add characters(Chinese characters except),its ok 。why did this thing happen?
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version: ownCloud 9.1.2 (stable)
'dbtype' => 'sqlite3',
'version' => '',

who can help me :sob::sob: this problem is still puzzling me for days......:rage::rage::rage:
对了 my system is openwrt (MT7621)....
Helpless boy from China :scream::scream:

Did you choose utf-8 as default-charset in php?
Can you check the logfiles of owncloud for errors?

Can you copy such a string as text so that we can try to name a file like this as well.

Thanks for the reply
I had set default-charset utf-8 in php.ini and owncloud.log No abnormality was found(about this question) I don't know why come out this mistake
ee... sorry tflidd Can you help me to test the problem? I am poor in skills. Sorry for the inconvenience!

new users can not upload attachments.:sweat:
you can create a txt "OK-你好.txt" and "你好-OK.txt" then Upload .......

Hello, is there any update for this issue?

hi , the same problem occured for me , and do you solve the problem ?

Hey, if you’re still using ownCloud 9.1 I’d strongly recommend upgrading, otherwise please open a new topic.
Finally please don’t revive these super old tickets, the answer is 100% always going to be: please upgrade to a recent version and open a new topic. — closed

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