Upload files to Data Folder

Dear all,

I have installed the latest ownCloud in my website shared hosting (not using CPanel, but by uploading)

It got properly installed but when I Upload the files via FTP to the Data/…/files section, they are not visible from ownCloud online platform.

Can I get some help on this.

Thank you very much



from what i know you should leave the data directory untouched and use either the Web GUI or the WebDAV endpoint of ownCloud.

how exactly did you do this?

how did you adjust the permissions in particular

I am using 2 methods to upload…

  1. FTP tool, and navigate to the director on remote server to the user’s files directory and upload…
  2. using File Manager from CPanel

I tried both…
And yes, If i am using the online tool of ownCloud, it is working perfectly, else these uploaded files are not listed…

I checked both the variants and chmod and they both are same!

did you try to chown and give permissions to www-data?