Upload files to multiple users

I’m managing 100 computers, each of them has its own OC account with a bunch of “base files”. “Base files” are samefor all of them but are modified differently later on so shared files wouldn’t do. Usual procedure is “purge user files + upload new base files” for each of them.

I’m looking for a faster way than logging into each account via web and uploading files. Last year, I uploaded the files directly into user folders on server (data/XXX/files) and it spared me a lot of time but I was strongly advised against doing so due to database sync issues.

What would you sugest? Is there a fast way of “upload to selected users”? Can I upload into folder and run something to sync DB? (Same question goes for deleting all users’ files - can i “purge” user faster than logging into his account, check all + delete, trash, check all+purge, log out)?

Are those “base files” like 2 folders and a PDF file?

Later on the users then upload files in to those folders right?

If so, you can adjust the skeleton and provide “default files”.


another approach would be to upload those to a SMB share, create a folder for every user and give only the user permissions to write in his folder.

More information can be found here: