Upload from URL ability

Hi guys.
I'm some sort of new with this system but enjoyed it a lot.
I was wondering if there is any way or app for this system to enable clients to upload a file directly through a url.
for example if I am searching for drivers of my printer , instead of downloading them to my local computer and upload them again to my cloud, it would be very efficient to download (upload) them directly from the source site to my on cloud folder.
I have searched a lot about this feature and did not find it in any cloud servers. but I believe this feature is very handy and useful and believe me or not this will become an upper hand for owncloud

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Good to hear that you enjoy it.
You can upload to a URL in ownCloud when you create a file drop (allow edit; forbid listing) but normally the download sides will not allow you to give them a URL to upload to.

However you can just mount a folder with webDAV and then you can directly upload into that, of course the file would still go through your computer, but not hit your file system.

I think some misunderstanding is happening here!
What I meant was if there is a way to download a file from a specific URL (for example a driver package or a video) from a site (WEB or FTP) directly to my owncloud folder instead of at first download it on my computer and then upload it to my owncloud folder?

not from my computer to my owncloud
not from own cloud to other website
just from a website (for example from filecroco) directly to my owncloud folder on my server


There was an app doing that:

but the repo is not maintained any more:

someone made a few changes to make it run with newer versions:

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It looks exactly what I need. I searched for this app n find the source on github but there was no tuto , helping me with the installation process. why dont the admin guys put such helpful app on the market?

There are many apps provided by the community, they can't be all maintained by the owncloud-developers themselves. There are famous ones like AudioPlayer or News that have active developers. For the downloader at least someone modified it, you could help testing it and putting it on the app store.

Sure I'd like to but at least I need some tutorials about how to install an app manually and how can I put in on appstore
by the way there must be some easier way to put the files directly on the folders of users

First you can install it manually. Just download the app, and place it into the apps/-folder of your installation. The folder name of the app should be the same as the app name.

You can directly connect via webdav and put these files for each user (clients: cyberduck, webscp, ...).

it doesn’t work tho. Therer are tons of reports of it NOT working. It’s basically a borked alpha version that seems to work for a FEW, but has lots of reports of it not working.