Upload super slow after upgrade from 10.11 to 10.12 on Debian

Hi, I use own cloud to share photos with my clients. Upload used to max out my dedicated server’s bandwidth, now it take forever to upload a few MB/s. My config is Debian 10.6, Apache 2.4.56, owncloud 10.12 basic installation

This is the exact opposite from what I have been experiencing on many ownCloud installations updated to 10.12.

Performance problems can be very hard to debug. You need to have a holistic view of the systems at play in order to pinpoint the bottleneck.

Depending on the type of setup you are running the system can include hypervisors, storage systems, networking equipment, …

First check every single one of these resources if something obvious is amiss, e.g. I’ve had cases where a single snapshot tanks storage performance. Maybe there is some hardware issue…

If this doesn’t help, you need to start monitoring more detailed and that will most likely make the issue obvious.

Also it might help quantify the issue at hand:

  1. Go to ownCloud
  2. Open the browser’s developer console in the network tab
  3. Start an upload
  4. Analyze which request take long
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Thanks for your reply! I will try what you’ve said. My remark was actually that apart from the upgrade, none of my original setup was changed. Will keep you posted!

@eneubauer I’ve ran the test, if I’m not mistaken the culprit is jQuery.min.js

OK? What exactly are you seeing? Which test did you exactly run? Does it take a very long time to load? Are there other error messages? Also, you didn’t fill out the post template, we have close to no information about your system: What’s your storage backend? Are you using external storages? How many users? PHP version? …

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There are no error messages… It’s simply slow! It’s not using the whole bandwidth available. I’m not running a complex system with external storage or thousands of users. It’s just me uploading photos and my client downloading. As for php it’s 7.4

We need to isolate where the problem is.

Did you test with command line or a different browser? You should also try to upload a file from the same server where ownCloud is in order to check if there could be a problem with the network or not.

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i think i’m not able to help to isolate the issue. Still i wanted to mention from user side that i’m not facing any slowness in ownCloud after updating from 10.11.0 to 10.12.0.

How can I run a test from the same server? Is there a CLI I can use?
Edit - and more precisely, the problem occurs only on uploads, downloads are going full speed!

You should have access to the host where the server is running. From the host, you can upload any file you have there using curl for example.

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Ok, so curl upload works fine

If curl works fine and with a good speed, it’s going to be difficult to proof that ownCloud has a bug. It seems a network problem, and it doesn’t seem ownCloud’s fault.

You could try to upload using the webUI from another computer. Maybe your computer is limiting the upload transfer rate somehow.
Another thing you could try is to upload a file from your computer to a different server, such as https://demo.owncloud.org .

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I actually rsynced my old server on a 100Mbits to a brand new one with 1Gbits. Still only getting 1.5Mbits uploads wether on Safari or Chrome. My own connection is 1Gbps FTTH.
I did try demo.owncloud.org and max speed is 6.5Mbits upload
The only change to my setup was upgrading owncloud, before that upload speed was fine.
Is there a way to downgrade, so I can prove it was better before?

Edit, I ran a test from my Mac to my server (uploading the same file):

  • 1.5Mbps via curl to owncloud (http/2 tls v1.3)
  • 15Mbps via rsync (ssh)

Downgrading isn’t possible, at least in general. There could be changes in the DB from one version to another, so downgrading could cause problems. There could be exceptions, but I’d rather not go that way.

If you have a backup, you can try to restore it. Note that the backup always includes the DB.

As an alternative, you could try with a docker installation because it should be easier to setup. You can try with OC 10.11 and 10.12 and check if there is any difference between those two.
If the OC 10.12 installation in docker improves the upload speed, you can have a look in the container and try to mimic the setup.

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