Upload to shared folder without seeing other user's files



We are running ownCloud 9.1.0. All is well! I have a functionality question. We are testing allowing remote users to upload confidential files to us using a shared link in ownCloud. I can see two different scenarios:

A - One employee creates one folder and sends a single link to 40 remote users. They each click the link and upload a PDF file with confidential information.
B - One employee creates 40 folders and sends 40 links to 40 remote users. They each click their own private link (to a shared folder) and upload the file.

The problem with option A is that each of the 40 remote users can see what everyone else has uploaded. Option B resolves this issue but is a lot of work on the front-end (create 40 folders and share each one individually). Is there some way around this? Ideally, we would prefer the system to have a single public folder where all files that are uploaded to it are hidden to public users.

Is this possible with the current system?


The enterprise version has this "File Drop"-feature:

The owncloud-fork Nextcloud has such a feature in the community version:


Thanks for the link! We'll be switching over to nextcloud so we can take advantage of this feature. Thanks again!