Upload user and permissions

I was trying to figure out what I need to do to change the permissions of an uploaded file or change the user name and group it uses everything is uploaded as -rw-r–r-- 1 www-data www-data I’m wanting to get this working with sonarr, Sickchill, ombi, plex and other programs but doesn’t look like they have access to the way the files are saved. I have owncloud installed on ubuntu server 18.04.5 in a docker container.

Perhaps these programs allow configuring a WebDAV backend?

The other programs would need to access the data inside the docker volume as this exact user. How did you share the data with the other programs so far.

Additionally it will be very hard to help you effectively as you chose to not fill out the post template.

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I gave up on this for a while but now looking back into it. Doesn’t seem to be any info on this issue.

The permissions for most items is
-rwxrwxrwx 1 jlkz jlkz
but owncloud saves as
-rw-r–r-- 1 www-data www-data

The other programs are dockers too except plex it is directly on the main machine.
The hot/volumes used to hold the data are shared from the main machine.
The other programs have access to the folder it’s just when the owncloud user adds a file it saves it as the web user is there a way to set it to save as the main user. In the docker I have the PGID and PUID added.

First off,I’m not a container expert.

I know that this is not what you expect to hear, and without being rude: This is pure nonsense.
From your descriptions, it’s still not clear (at least not for me), why you want to open ownClouds file permissions. Two fact you’ll have to keep in mind:

  • Uploaded files are owned by your ownCloud software, represented by www-data.
  • Uploaded files are accessed by web-frontend or Webdav-API, nothing else.

Thus the file permissions -rw-r–r-- are fully sufficient.

Or maybe you could help me further to understand your requirements or goals?

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The user www-data is the user the apache web server is running as. ownCloud server is a web application, that is using apache. There is no way to change this behavior.

Theoretically you might be able to change the umask for the apache user www-data to save all files with 777 permissions. However, this is probably a gaping security hole. And I have no clue how you would have to reconfigure the docker container consistently in order to achieve that.

The more sensible solution would be to use bind mounts, to make these files available for different user ids and keep the original user id for ownCloud. I’d recommend to research that: user bind mount

Perhaps you can detail the solution here if you find one.

nextcloud worked fine I guess owncloud does not add the

-e PUID=1000
-e PGID=1000