Urgent advice needed - installation has broken

I had been running OC9.1.3 for some weeks when suddenly yesterday when I accessed my site the Contacts and Calendar sections displayed messages saying there were no contacts or calendars to display.
However, my phone and PC were still able to sync and any changes made on one reflected on the other.

Today I noticed that OC was now at V9.1.4, so uploaded the new version to my hosted account, but when I tried to launch it to do the install I got an 'Internal Server Error' and can get no further.

How do I overcome this - bearing in mind I have no shell access as it is a shared server host.

Do you get any information in the owncloud.log or apache log?


No there did not appear to be any clues in the logs (I could only access the log by ftp as I could not get into the install)

However, I did contact the Host to see if they could throw any light on the issue, and they reset the PHP configuration which cured the access problem and I managed to install a clean copy of OC 9.1.4 and activate the Calendar and Contacts apps.

BUT - there were/are issues which I have not had before:
1. When I imported a .vcf file with 75 contacts, the import stopped at 85% first try, then 86% on second try and 92% on third try. In the end I had to add the missing contacts manually.
2. When I view the contacts, the contact details on the right of the page truncate any drop down list. For example if I select groups, only 4 of the 8 groups appear in the drop down list with the rest being truncated, so I can't scroll to select the group for some contacts and have to type it manually.

Hi Pewe.
It looks familiar to me.
It happens, if You import strings, that are too long for the mysql data fields.
If You have phpmyadmin installed, You should be able to search for the data field taht ran corrupted.

This is, what I recorded in my BugTracker for this:

Probleme mit den Kalendern speziell in Thunderbird oder beim Exportieren ├╝ber die Webseite:

Within your database, you can search for such incomplete entries with the following database query:

SELECT * FROM oc_clndr_objects WHERE calendardata NOT LIKE '%END:VCALENDAR%';

Quelle: https://github.com/owncloudarchive/calendar/issues/1012

Hope it helps