Use <domain\> prefix for ownCloud logins

Good morning, everyone.

Is there a way to enable users to be able to log in with in the ownCloud interface? I am using Duo MFA and the ownCloud Duo plugin provided by Elie here: The way I have Duo configured it requires usernames to be prefixed with the domain the user is logging into, so using just "username" will not work. It needs to be "domain\username" in order for Duo and the Duo plugin to recognize the user in its database and allow the user to log in.

The only workaround for this that I've found is for the user to log on with this format: user@FQDN> or < While this works, it's not ideal. I would really prefer .

Environment: ownCloud 10.0.3 running on Ubuntu 16.04.3 using Active Directory for authentication


Can you tell me what you would like to do?

I think you forgot something here