Use External storage as default data dir



I have setup google as an external storage, all users can see and use it, however it's just like 1 big folder.

What I really need to do is setup the google storage as the default storage for all user data, however in the config file I can see 'datadirectory' => 'jjjjjj' but can't see where in the documentation what I put in here to set the goolge storage here.




setting an external storage as a default data dir is not possible (only exception is the object storage stuff directly configured in your config.php). Thats why you can't find that in the documentation.

There might be some workarounds possible like mounting the google storage on operating system level and provide that mount to oC at the datadir.


Thanks for the reply, So there's no way to force users data onto external storage?



No, there is no way natively in ownCloud to force users data onto external storages.

There is only the mentioned workaround above. Another possibilty could be to set the quota of your users to 0 bytes. With that they still can create empty files and folders on the local disc but are forced to upload files with content to the external storage.


The issue of having it as external storage is that all users can see it, therefore all users can see everyone's files.

The OC install is currently on a cpanel server, so I don't have o/s access.

The next problem is the External storage shows up in the OC web portal, but it doesn't show up under webDAV or the sync desktop client.




A storage configured in the Admin settings is available to all users by default, and it can be restricted to specific users and groups in the Available for field.



I did see this bit, but then you'd have to setup a new data bucket for each ext storage area, for each user or group....

As my web server has limited storage I was really hoping to use ext storage for all user data. What a shame.