Use owncloudcmd on Windows

I’m trying to sync files with to an owncloud server with the command line client. The cmd line client should run on a windows server. Eventually the script should run regularly without a user being logged in. The Desktop client is not the right solution because a user has to be logged in.

-Owncloud client machine: MSWindows Server 2008 R2 Standard
-A desktop client is installed on the Windows Server and running
-Owncloud Desktop Client version: 2.4.1 (build 9270)

-Owncloud server is hosted somewhere in the web (I don’t know the version)

I tired the line below but got so many errors I don’t even know what’s wrong. :slight_smile:

owncloudcmd -u username -p password Z:\folder1\folder2

What am I doing wrong?


two short notes:

It seems this is a little bit outdated, maybe you can retry with the current version 2.5.1?

I think it could make sense to post the errors you get when running the command :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for your answer (sorry I was away from work).

The error looks as follows:
C:\Program Files (x86)\ownCloud>owncloudcmd -u username -p password Z:\Internes\Folder

01-14 08:43:38:445 [ info sync.accessmanager ]: 2 “” “https://www.owncloudserver.c
rmat=json” has X-Request-ID “dd225620-a405-4a79-9c43-24b9f29e87d5”
01-14 08:43:38:478 [ info sync.networkjob ]: OCC::JsonApiJob created for “htt
ps://” + “ocs/v
1.php/cloud/capabilities” “”
01-14 08:43:38:632 [ warning sync.networkjob ]: QNetworkReply::NetworkError(Unkn
ownServerError) “Server replied “502 Bad Gateway” to “GET https://www.ginesta
ties?format=json”” QVariant(int, 502)
01-14 08:43:38:673 [ info sync.networkjob.jsonapi ]: JsonApiJob of QUrl(“http
/cloud/capabilities?format=json”) FINISHED WITH STATUS QNetworkReply::NetworkErr
or(UnknownServerError) “Server replied “502 Bad Gateway” to “GET https://www.
01-14 08:43:38:731 [ warning sync.networkjob.jsonapi ]: Network error: “ocs/v1.
php/cloud/capabilities” “Server replied “502 Bad Gateway” to “GET https://www
capabilities?format=json”” QVariant(int, 502)
01-14 08:43:38:772 [ debug default ] [ main(int, char**)::<lambda ]: Server c
apabilities QJsonObject()
Error connecting to server

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